Monday, January 31, 2011

Where I'm From

I am from an 8 passenger station wagon, from Sears & Robuck and Montgomery Ward catalogues, from everyone always getting everything in his/her own color, mine is blue.

I am from the two story white house with red trimmed windows next to the empty lot where all the neighborhood kids play.

I am from tulips and climbing roses in the front and pruned, staked tomato plants scenting the air all summer in the back yard.

I am from Dad and the boys fixing hamburgers every Saturday and inde"damn"pendence, from Mas before she was Ma Bell, and Dad before he was Poppo and "Bell" - a chosen name.

I am from always seeking knowledge, wisdom and answers and freely sharing heart, home and family.

I am from family is your foundation and "hunger is the best sauce" meant as a compliment.

I am from Baptist tempered Catholicism, knowing God is real and really knows me and really loves me.

I am from Chicago and a long line of strong women, from two dozen scrambled eggs, two pounds of bacon and two dozen rolls for Sunday breakfast and tuna sandwiches or fish sticks on Friday.

From two people meeting at a drug store soda fountain late at night and each knowing "he/she's the ONE." From checking the fried chicken leg list to see if it's my turn.  From dinner together at 5 o'clock on the dot - no excuses.

I am from Mas' yearly scrapbooks with pictures, cards, awards and newspaper articles in chronological order, and poring over them with laugher with others and then finding time alone to look, feel, remember and reflect the wonders of the love of my family.